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Graduate Certificate of Education

  • Graduate Certificate

Key details

Degree Type
Graduate Certificate
6 months full-time
Study Mode
In person

Entry requirements

English Language
IELTS 6.5+
TOEFL 550.0+

What you will learn

Graduate Certificates qualify individuals who apply a body of knowledge in a range of contexts to undertake professional or highly skilled work and as a pathway for further learning.

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate of Education, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a specialised understanding of theoretical knowledge and workplace practice in education
  • Critically evaluate current and past scholarship and professional practice in the field of education in the light of contemporary research, of workplace practice, including perspectives grounded in Christian scholarship.
  • Demonstrate your ability to analyse and synthesise complex information, problems, concepts and theories in education for application across multi-disciplinary contexts.
  • Demonstrate your intellectual independence through the application of critical and creative thinking to the study and/or professional practice of education at both an abstract and practical level.
  • Communicate your specialist understanding of knowledge and professional practice to specialist and non-specialist audiences through prepared presentations and projects in a variety of settings.
  • Model a high level of self-discipline, professional judgment, personal integrity, teamwork and respect for the dignity of individuals and groups in study and workplace settings.

Each unit you take in the Graduate Certificate of Education program will contribute towards the fulfilment of these broader learning outcomes.

Course structure

  • 4
  • 4

The Graduate Certificate of Education (GradCertEd) comprises 4 units of study (or subjects). Each unit represents 3 credit points. To fulfil the requirements of the GradCertEd award, you will need to complete a minimum of 12 credit points.

Common Core unit (1-2 units)
  • ED550 Worldview Foundations of Education
  • ED509 Introduction to Education in Australia (core for international students)
Elective units (choose 2-3 units)

In addition to the core unit(s) above, you must complete two or three different elective units from the list below to complete a total of four units (12 credit points) to be eligible for the Graduate Certificate of Education award.

You can select from the following list of elective units:

  • ED509 Introduction to Education in Australia
  • ED620 Curriculum Construction: Analysis and Perspectives
  • ED630 Assessment and Evaluation: Refining Understanding and Practices
  • ED631 Mentoring
  • ED635 Cognitive Science in Education
  • ED642 Creative Teaching and Learning
  • ED673 Leading School Improvement
  • ED692 Educational Research Methods
  • BU673 Organisational Leadership