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Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with the Murdoch Business School Entrepreneurship and Innovation Graduate Certificate. Created for African Professional Association members, this program equips graduates with the commercial skills to launch and successfully manage a start-up business.

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Graduate Certificate

About this course

An exclusive post-graduate qualification, the Murdoch Entrepreneurship and Innovation Graduate Certificate (EIGC) is designed for African Professional Association members seeking to start a new business. First and foremost, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Graduate Certificate is a skill-building learning journey augmenting existing abilities with valuable, practical entrepreneurial capabilities.

A selective qualification delivered in intensive study modes, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Graduate Certificate complements the capabilities and experiences of participants. The learning journey explores and develops skills in entrepreneurial finance, product design and development, design thinking, business law and data analytics. The Graduate Certificate is co-delivered by experienced scholars with academic and industry experience and guest professionals with practical experience in African business.

The qualification represents a stepping-off point for study participants preparing to launch a commercial venture. Throughout the study journey, the EIGC challenges participants to apply their newly acquired commercial skills and insights to stretch targets aligned with their future goals. By putting their entrepreneurial capabilities into practice, participants build confidence and insights to help them found innovative start-up businesses with robust commercial prospects.

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This program builds entrepreneurs. From the ground up, this is what it has been created for.

Along the way, graduates develop a suite of skills enabling them to thrive in various professional settings. The capabilities developed in the program equip graduates with the ability to design, develop and manage strategic change initiatives. Graduates may pursue business analyst and business consultant roles.

But fundamentally, the EIGC is about equipping students with the tools to successfully launch a start-up business.

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